FlowMasterKit (Air Filter System)

Our Flowmaster kits are designed to take full advantage of the fresh air.
So the goal is to supply only oxygen rich fresh air to the engine, so the FlowPipe is mounted so that no used warm air can be sucked from the engine compartment.
Besides the resulting performance increase and better response, there are other advantages:

  • better response
  • better torque
  • low consumption
  • great sound
  • high flow housing
  • performance increase
  • most are supplied with a TÜV parts certificate.
  • the only Sportluftfilter no restrictions on combinability and refitting

The Flowmaster kit housings are made of powder-coated aluminum.

The supplied vehicle-specific mounts made of stainless steel ensure easy installation.

Instalation by us cost about 50 euro.

Below you can find the available kits, andl the universal part to design your own kit.

Flowmaster kit for Audi A1 8X A1 8X 1.6 2.0 TDI   

€ 219.00

Flowmaster kit Vag   2.0 1,8 Turbo -1,9 TDI PD - 2,0 Audi A3 8P , TT 8N , S3 8L, A3 8L 1,9 TDI PD, Seat Leon, Seat Ibiza 6L , Skoda Octavia, Skoda Fabia RS ,VW Golf IV , VW Bora
Order number: 04.020.420-2

€ 310.00

Flowmaster Kit VW Golf V , Audi A3 1,6 FSI 8P Year 2003-2013  


Flowmaster Kit Audi A3 (8P) / TT (8J) 2.0 Tdi BKD Engine 2003-2013